Dick Robinson

About Me

So that you can know something about the one who has written the material presented on this website, I have written the following biographical information about myself:

Even before I began serving as a pastor, I wanted to help people with the things inside them that troubled them.

My home of origin was a peaceful one, with lots of love, even though it was not a Christian home. My father grew up in a Roman Catholic family and was hurt by some of the teachers in the parochial school he attended. He became a "rebelled Catholic," and never wanted to talk about God. My mother grew up in a family immersed in Christian Science. I left home for college knowing virtually nothing about the Lord, and filled with a determination to be the "captain of my own destiny."

It was not until I had become a stockbroker, and was experiencing "success," that I discovered that I was not really the captain of my own destiny. The bear market of 1969-1970 caused my income (commissions) to decrease by about 60%, and I began to realize that I needed a power beyond myself. God began to draw me to Himself at that time (see John 6:44). Finally, in November 1970, in an extraordinarily powerful manifestation of His presence, God came to me and saved me. I was 32, and my life has never been the same. God soon led us to move to Atlanta, GA. In 1974, an Elder in the church we attended showed me how to surrender to God's Holy Spirit and ask Him to empower and control my life, which resulted in another significant change. In 1975, my wife and I were trained in deliverance ministry, and have been actively ministering deliverance ever since. In 1980, the Lord introduced us to the inner healing ministry, and we have been ministering in this area as well, since that time.

God began to teach me, and I sought additional training. Soon, I was ministering inner healing and deliverance to those the Lord brought for help. During my years as a pastor, I served two churches in South Carolina and two churches in North Carolina. While serving in a church in Winston-Salem, NC, (I served there for 14 years), my wife and I were deeply touched and changed, in 1994, by the ministry at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, where revival has been burning ever since. God moved in us to increase His anointing in our ministry, and to fill us with more of His love for people. This anointing continues to be important in our ministry to people.

After my retirement from service in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, in 2002, Carrie and I moved to Roswell, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. Since that time, we have been ministering to those the Lord brings for help right here in our home. God's calling to minister to those in need continues. We consider it a great honor and privilege that the Lord would use us to bring to peoples' lives emotional healing and freedom from the things that have bound them into harmful behavior patterns.

Since retiring, I have written a book on the Holy Spirit.

We plan to continue to minister to people as long as the Lord brings them. We also want to share the understanding about inner healing, deliverance and life lived in the Holy Spirit that the Lord has given to us. May the LORD bless you.